Bogotá, Colombia

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Colombia's Public Finance in the 1990s: a Decade of Reforms, fiscal Imbalance, and Debt

Colombian and South American Immigrants in the United States of America: Education Levels, Job Qualifications and the Decision to Go Back Home

Colombian Foreign Trade in the Twentieth Century

Por Leonardo Villar y Pilar Esguerra, marzo 2006 Por publicar en un libro en inglés editado por Miguel Urrutia y James Robinson sobre Historia Económica de Colombia en el Siglo XX.

Colombian Immigrants In The United States Of America: Education Levels, Job Qualifications And The Decision To Go Back Home

This document shows that Colombian immigrants, who returned to the country from the United States between 1990 and 2005, were on average less well-educated than those who decided to stay in the U.S. This is a fact that has contributed to emphasizing the positive selection made by Colombians when...

Colombian Purchasing Power Parity Analysed Using a Framework of Multivariate Cointegration

This paper tests for purchasing power parity (PPP) between Colombia and its main trading partners using the Johansen framework of multivariate cointegration. The tests shows that PPP does not hold in the strong sense, but a clear purchasing power relationship is, nevertheless, show to exist. The...

Colombia‘s Recent History of Monetary Policy from 1990 to 2010


Colombia’s Recent Performance and Outlook

Presentación realizada en Latin American Chamber of Commerce - LATCAM

Contribution to Panel: Inflation-Targeting in an Uncertain External Backdrop

Latin American Investor Conference organized by Merrill Lynch. Inter American Development Bank Meeting.

Corporate Tax Stimulus and Investment in Colombia

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Decentralised Provision of Quasi-Private Goods: The Case of Colombia

This paper quantifies the welfare effects of decentralisation in Colombia, using a multiregional CGE model. We investigate to what extent will the Colombian population be better off when goods such as health and education, are delivered locally as against centrally. A provision scheme based on...

Deposit Insurance without Commitment: Wall St. vs. Main St.