Training for Recognizing the Security Features of the New Family of Colombian Banknotes

Banco de la República (the Central Bank of Colombia) provides virtual training for the public in general, and to blind or deaf people, giving them the necessary support. These trainings aim to teach how to properly identify and check the security features of the new family of Colombian banknotes. 

The online training has a duration of 60 minutes and shall be scheduled by a training leader of a company, a teacher of an educational institution, or an independent person. TRAINING PROVIDED BY BANCO DE LA REPÚBLICA IS FREE OF CHARGE. 

Banco de la República offers the following training options: 

Option 1: On-site Training

This training on the authenticity of Colombian banknotes and coins can take place at the facilities of the requesting entities or at the Central Bank’s facilities.

Option 2: Virtual Training

Request your training here.

Option 3: Virtual Self-Training

It is completely online. Check the available material on the portal:

Five steps to recognize the COP$100,000 banknote.

Videos on the new family of Colombian banknotes 

Videos: Identifying our banknotes

Multimedia: New Colombian coins

Multimedia: Current banknotes and coins

Option 4: On-Site Training for blind people

botón convocatoria capacitación sobre nuevos billetes para personas con discapacidad visual