Publications and research

Institutional reports

Foreign Reserves Management Report

Translation available since: 2019 | Periodicity: Biennial

The purpose of this document is to explain the Bank's management of Colombia's foreign reserves

Monetary Policy Report

Translation available since: 2015 | Periodicity: Quarterly

The Monetary Policy Report (formerly Inflation Report) presents the Bank's technical staff's analysis of the economy and the inflationary situation and its medium and long-term outlook. Based on it, the staff makes a recommendation to the Board of Directors on the monetary policy stance. This report is published on the business day following the Board of Directors' meetings in January, April, July, and October.

Report of the Board of Directors to the Congress of Colombia

Translation available since: 2015 | Periodicity: Semesterly

In compliance with Article 5 of Law 31 of 1992, the Board of Directors of Banco de la República (the Central Bank of Colombia) submits a report to the Congress of Colombia twice a year in which it reports on the performance of the economy and its outlook.

Informes Especiales de Estabilidad Financiera (only in Spanish, special financial stability reports)

Since: 2012 | Periodicity: Semesterly

The special financial stability reports are published together with the Financial Stability Report and provide a more detailed analysis of some aspects and risks relevant to the stability of the Colombian financial system: market liquidity risk, market risk, credit risk, mortgage loan portfolio, and housing market in Colombia , international indicators, concentration and competition in the deposit and credit markets, corporate sector surveys, and financial inclusion.

Financial Stability Report

Translation available since: 2002 | Periodicity: Semesterly

The Report presents Banco de la República's assessment of the recent performance of the financial system and its borrowers, as well as the main risks and vulnerabilities that could have an effect on its stability.

Financial Infrastructure Report

Translation available since: 2016 | Periodicity: Annualy

With the Financial Infrastructure Report, each year, Banco de la República provides a complete overview of the local financial infrastructure. Each edition of the report has four objectives: 1) to disclose in a consolidated manner the evolution in figures of payment infrastructures, both of financial assets and of goods and services; 2) to present topics that are under international debate and that are of interest to the industry that provides payment clearing and settlement services; 3) to provide the public with a conceptual basis on retail-value payment processes, as well as trends in retail payments made in the circuit of natural and legal persons; and 4) to inform the public, the industry, and other financial authorities of the methodological progress made with the line of research applied to the analysis of the stability of payment systems.

Work documents

Economics Drafts

Since: 1994

This series from the Deputy Management of Economic Studies contributes to the dissemination and promotion of research carried out by the institution's employees. On many occasions these works have been the result of collaboration with people from other national or international institutions. This series is indexed in Research Papers in Economics (RePEc).

Economic History Notebooks

Since: 1999

The Economic History Notebooks series is a publication of the Banco de la República - Cartagena Branch. This series is indexed in Research Papers in Economics (RePEc) and can be consulted through IDEAS-RePEc.

Working Documents on Regional and Urban Economy

Since: 1997

La serie Documentos de Trabajo Sobre Economía Regional y Urbana es una publicación del Banco de la República - Sucursal Cartagena. Esta serie se encuentra indexada en Research Papers in Economics (RePEc) y se puede consultar a través de IDEAS-RePEc.

Essays on Regional Economy (ESER)

Desde: 2003 | Hasta: 2016

La Serie Ensayos Sobre Economía Regional (ESER) es una publicación del Banco de la República, de la sección de Sucursales Regionales de Estudios Económicos del Departamento Técnico y de Información Económica. Los trabajos son de tipo descriptivo y están orientados al análisis de temas de coyuntura económica de las diferentes regiones del país, cuyo propósito es contribuir a la ampliación de su conocimiento y profundización del análisis.

Readings in finance

Since: 1999 | Until: 2009

Starting from the objective proposed by the economic research agenda, this series of articles is presented that study monetary, exchange, financial, capital market and employment issues.

Temas de Estabilidad Financiera

Desde: 2003 | Hasta: 2016 | Periodicidad: Anual

Publication made by the Banco de la República, Department of Financial Stability.

Periodicals and magazines

Report on the behavior of Colombia's balance of payments

Since: 2000 | Periodicity: Quarterly

This report describes the main results of the quarterly and annual evolution of the country's balance of payments.

Report on the recent evolution of external debt of Colombian banks

Since: 2014 | Periodicity: Quarterly

The objective of this report is to describe the recent evolution of credit lines in foreign currency of Colombian banks and present the main results of the latest External Debt and Quota Survey.

Financial Markets Report

Since: 2009 | Periodicity: Quarterly

The report is framed within the principle of public dissemination and contributes to fulfilling the service provided by the Bank of offering quality economic information and research.

Report on the Credit Situation in Colombia

Since: 2005 | Periodicity: Quarterly

This report presents the results of the quarterly survey on the credit situation in Colombia, in which financial intermediaries that carry out credit operations, such as banks, financing companies (CFC) and financial cooperatives (cooperatives), participate.

Labor Market Report

Since: 2017 | Periodicity: Quarterly

Labor Market Reports is a publication of the Labor Market Analysis Group of the Sub-Management of Monetary Policy and Economic Information, Banco de la República.

Cartagena Social Situation Notebooks

Since: 2000 | Until: 2012 | Frequency: Annual

Cartagena Social Situation Notebooks (CCSC) is a publication that analyzes and disseminates the main social indicators of Cartagena, in order to publicize the social statistical information of the city and facilitate the understanding and objective approach to the social problems of the city. city. The publication is the result of the joint effort of the Bank of the Republic, the Cartagena Chamber of Commerce, the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University of the Caribbean, the Technological University of Bolívar and the Colombian Caribbean Observatory.

Quarterly Economic Indicators Report

Since: 1998 | Until: 2002 | Periodicity: Quarterly

In this bulletin you can consult the behavior of the main economic indicators of Colombia. It contains statistical information, presented in tables and graphs, on the real sector, financial sector, fiscal sector and external sector.

Regional Economic Situation Reports (ICER)

Since: 1999 | Until: 2015 | Frequency: Annual

Publication carried out by the Bank of the Republic, in agreement with DANE, between 1999 and 2015. Its main objective was the dissemination of economic information and statistical data from the different departments of Colombia, in order to show the progress, setbacks and situations general aspects of the regional economy. Throughout the documents it is possible to find information related to variations in unemployment rates, financial activities, state investment for the development of infrastructure, livestock slaughter and the commercial behavior of products exported and imported to different regions. regions of the country. At first, between 1999 and 2002, the reports were developed quarterly, later, between 2003 and 2008, they were presented bimonthly, and finally, they were carried out annually.

Report on the Microcredit Situation in Colombia

Since: 2012 | Until: 2022 | Periodicity: Quarterly

This report presents the results of the survey on the current situation of microcredit in Colombia. This survey was designed by the Department of Financial Stability of the Bank of the Republic, together with Asomicrofinanzas, in order to know the perception of entities that carry out microcredit intermediation activities, including those that are not supervised by the Financial Superintendence of Colombia (SFC).

Magazine of the Bank of the Republic

Since: 1927 | Until: 2020 | Frequency: Monthly

This journal provides immediate open access to its content, based on the principle that offering the public free access to research contributes to greater global exchange of knowledge. This magazine has circulated since November 1927.

Books and chapters

NEW! Centennial Collection of the Bank of the Republic

Since: 1929 | Until: 2023

As part of the commemoration of the issuance of Law 25 of 1923, by which the Bank of the Republic was created, the directors of the institution considered it of great importance to reissue in digital format some of the most notable books on the monetary history of Colombia and the role of the Bank of the Republic in the country's economy during these hundred years of operation. The central bank makes available to the general public, free of charge, a digital collection of eleven books in which nearly forty authors participated, most of whom were employees of the institution at the time they wrote their works. These books were produced in different periods and represent a valuable source of information and knowledge, which we hope will contribute to future research on the economic history of the country.

Bicentennial Collection - Archive of the National Economy

Since: 1990

The Bicentennial Collection of the Archive of the National Economy was a project of the General Management of the Bank of the Republic to commemorate the bicentennial of the independence of Colombia. The project began in 2010 and its objective was to choose a series of relevant books on the Colombian economy that had been written between the 18th and 20th centuries, to be republished and reprinted by the Bank of the Republic. This collection reissued a total of 10 books, which are available for download.

Regional Economy Collection

Since: 1990

The books that make up this collection aim to contribute to the reduction of regional gaps, deepen the knowledge of the most remote regions and increase the study of urban and environmental issues, which are increasingly relevant for the country.

Other books and news

Since: 1990

Below you will find the history of the books or chapters edited or co-published by the Banco de la República; both economic and cultural issues. Some of these publications are available for free download and in other cases they are available for purchase.

Cultural publications


Since: 1969

In this section you will find the catalogs of art exhibitions, bibliographic exhibitions and the Gold Museum that the Cultural Sub-Management of the Banco de la República has edited and published as support material for cultural programming.


Since: 1967

In this section you find titles published directly by the Bank or in co-publishing with other academic and cultural institutions, as part of the publishing activity that seeks to contribute to the generation and circulation of knowledge on topics of interest to the country.


Since: 2000

In this section you find materials that present short investigations in different lines of work such as works, pieces or specific themes from the collections of the Banco de la República or the work of cultural activity.


Since: 1997

In this section you will find, mainly, the recording production of the Banco de la República since 1966, the year in which the Concert Hall of the Luis Ángel Arango Library was inaugurated, which is organized into two record series: Composers of our time and Portraits of a composer. You can also learn about other materials such as songbooks or economic indicators.


Since: 2014

In this section you will find the editions of the Cultural and Bibliographic Bulletin, official publication of the Luis Ángel Arango Library, published since 1958, available for sale or online consultation.

Cultural publications in the Virtual Library

Since: 1960

In this section you can access a selection of edited and published cultural publications that are open access for public consultation.

Other publications

Reports on the status of the Internal Control System

Desde: 2011

Documents that contain the status of the components of the Internal Control System prepared in accordance with the guidelines defined by the Administrative Department of the Public Service.

Strategic plans

Since: 2006 | Periodicity: Quadrennial

Document with the definition of the mission, vision, values ​​and strategic objectives, associated with the fulfillment of missionary and related functions, with a horizon of 4 years.

Issuer Reports

Since: 1999 | Periodicity: Quarterly

The Issuer Reports presents the analysis of the results of the quarterly survey of economic expectations.

Colombia agreements with the International Monetary Fund

Since: 1999 | Until: 2006

In December 1999, the Colombian State signed an agreement with the International Monetary Fund, according to which a loan of 2.7 billion dollars was established in order to strengthen and develop various fiscal and economic projects in Colombia. Since then, the agreements were amended and extended until 2006, depending on national policies and needs, as well as the demands of the International Monetary Fund. This collection contains the different agreements and communications exchanged between the Government of Colombia, the Bank of the Republic and the International Monetary Fund, between 1999 and 2006. As well as copies translated into English of the documents.