Legal Notice

1. Reading and Acceptance of Terms

Banco de la República (the Central Bank of Colombia) has issued this legal notice with the aim of presenting the terms and conditions that regulate the access, navigation, and use of the websites; the Institutional Site, the Portal de Investigaciones Económicas (the Economic Research Site), and the Portal de la Actividad Cultural (the Cultural Activity Site), among others.

The visitor or user of these websites is requested to read in detail the terms of this legal notice, the General Policies and Guidelines for Personal Data Protection (Privacy Policy) and information security policies before starting to explore and using them. Therefore, it is understood that browsing and using these websites implies full and unreserved acceptance of the terms of access and use of these by the user or visitor. 

2. Information Published on Banco de la República's Websites

The main purpose of Banco de la República's websites is to provide information on the functions, procedures, services, and activities it executes in the development of its legal system. Additionally, in compliance with the Statutory Law on Transparency and Access to Public Information (Law 1712 of 2014), Banco de la República publishes all the minimum mandatory information required therein, as well as the information it proactively discloses in consideration of the public interest thereof.

Information and documents contained in these websites, whether in Spanish or in another language, are included for information purposes only, i.e., exclusively to facilitate their consultation by the public. Consequently, these do not provide any type of advice or particular recommendation for the performance of operations, transactions, or decisions by the user or visitor.

Such websites contain information, articles, or works of an artistic, literary, or scientific nature prepared by Banco de la República or third parties, for information or dissemination purposes. These works may be protected by intellectual property rights, as stated below, and may be updated or withdrawn at any time and without prior notice.

In the event that comments or opinions are published, it is specified that they belong to their respective authors and, therefore, do not necessarily commit Banco de la República, unless expressly indicated.

The translations made by Banco de la República with respect to the contents of its websites are for information purposes. Therefore, when there is an inconsistency between the Spanish language version and the English language version, the native version shall prevail, that is to say, in the language in which it was initially written. In particular, with respect to legislation that has been translated into English (unofficial translation) by Banco de la República for information purposes, it is the responsibility of the user or visitor to verify the official version in the Spanish language.

Banco de la República has procedures designed to ensure the responsible and good faith disclosure of the information it publishes, exposes, or makes available to the public. Thus, the Bank strives for such information to have high quality standards and, in this sense, to be timely, objective, truthful, complete, and updated, according to its nature or scope. However, the user or visitor shall use this information at their own risk and under their own responsibility, and therefore the Bank assumes no legal liability to them or to third parties for the use given to the information published or for the decisions made based thereon, nor for any damages they may suffer, directly or indirectly, as a result of such use or transformation. 

Banco de la República participates in the National Government’s “Open Data” initiative; therefore, the information included in the “Open Data Portal” may be used in accordance with the terms and conditions of use of such portal.

The economic information of a statistical nature, information about cultural services, and any other information of a general nature and of public knowledge found on the website (not including analyses, adaptations, projections, compilations, comments, or opinions), may be freely reproduced or disclosed by any person, provided that its content is not altered or modified, its source is cited and the date on which the portal was accessed is mentioned. However, economic information from information sources external to Banco de la República, such as Bloomberg and Refinitiv, may not be reproduced or disclosed. The statistical information of the Serankua system exposed by Banco de la República through SDMX shall be governed by the same parameters provided in this legal notice.

Considering that at present websites cannot technically guarantee the absolute lack of interference by third parties, Banco de la República cannot guarantee the accuracy, fidelity, completeness, and/or truthfulness of the information, or that it has been altered or modified, in whole or in part. Consequently, Banco de la República is not responsible for information that is not directly managed by the administrator of its websites.

3. Links to Third Party Websites

The links to third party websites that may be included in our websites are for the purpose of facilitating the consultation of other web pages of interest or to provide more information to the user or visitor. Thus, it does not imply their acceptance or approval by Banco de la República, nor the existence of relations between Banco de la República and such third parties, and therefore, do not bind in any way the responsibility of Banco de la República for their contents, operation, availability, or for any information that may be found outside their websites. The user or visitor shall be subject to the terms and conditions of use of the respective third-party websites.

4. Cookies Policies

These websites are governed by the cookies policies set forth in our General Policies and Guidelines on Personal Data Protection (privacy policy). Third-party websites that are referenced in links to our websites have their own personal data protection (privacy) or cookies policies,   which are unrelated to Banco de la República and, therefore, do not bind it; users may authorize them or not when accessing such websites.  

5. Joining Social Networks

Banco de la República may join social networks for information and communication purposes in order to get closer to citizens and new audiences; however, it shall remain active in them as long as there is still interest in doing so. Therefore, at its own discretion, Banco de la República may withdraw from them or modify its engagement.

6. Copyright and Intellectual Property Policies

Both the design (text and graphic and/or audiovisual elements, layout, and assembly) and the content of this page are copyrighted works protected by Colombian and international regulations on copyright, in the name of Banco de la República and their respective authors or holders of proprietary rights who authorized their use in the websites, as the case may be. Therefore, such elements may only be reproduced, disclosed, or used in the cases and in the manner expressly authorized in such provisions (with the legal exceptions or limitations), provided that the source, the name of the work, and the author (when they appear in the text) are clearly cited. Any use, transformation, or exploitation of the contents included in the website for commercial or advertising purposes is prohibited unless prior authorization has been obtained from Banco de la República.  In any case, any use contrary to the law is forbidden.

The name "Banco de la República", its logo, and the name of some of the services or products offered by the Bank (BANREP, CEDEC, CENIT, CUD, SEN, SAF, SEBRA, DCV, MUSEO DEL ORO, MUSEO DEL ORO COLOMBIA, CASA DE LA MONEDA, among others) are registered trademarks owned by Banco de la República, protected by industrial property regulations and may only be exploited or used by the Bank.

Consequently, the access, navigation, and use of these websites by the user or visitor does not imply in any case transfer, waiver, or licensing of copyrights or other intellectual property rights held by Banco de la República or third parties. 

Consequently, the user or visitor shall comply with the regulations on intellectual property (copyright and industrial property) that protect the contents of these websites, as applicable.

7. Malicious Software (malware) and Website Availability

Banco de la República has rigorous information security policies and standards; however, it does not guarantee, in any case, the absence of operating errors, malicious software (malware), or other elements that may cause alterations in the websites. Therefore, it is not liable for damages caused by such alterations, therefore, the user or visitor must take the necessary measures to prevent such risks. Nor is it responsible for the uninterrupted or error-free service of its websites; however, it strives to ensure the highest availability of its websites to its users or visitors. The user or visitor shall not use the websites in any way that overloads, damages, or renders useless the networks, servers, and other equipment or computer applications of Banco de la República or third parties.

8. Modifications to Banco de la República's Websites and Legal Notice

Banco de la República reserves the right to modify, add, limit, suspend, or discontinue, totally or partially, the structure, design, operation, and contents of this page or to prevent or block access to the site to persons or entities that violate these conditions or make improper use of the same.

Likewise, it reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of this legal notice at any time and without prior notice, which will be effective as of its publication.

9. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The terms and conditions provided in this legal notice are governed by Colombian law. For any legal or judicial effect, the place of this legal notice is the city of Bogotá, D. C., Colombia, and any dispute arising from its interpretation or application will be subject to Colombian jurisdiction.