What We Do

1. Monetary, Foreign Exchange Intervention and Credit Policy
The purpose of monetary policy in Colombia is to keep inflation low and stable and to achieve the highest sustainable level of output and employment.  In doing so, monetary policy fulfills the constitutional mandate to maintain the purchasing power of the… [ + ] información
2. Other Functions
  The professional expertise and operating structure of the Bank has enabled it to support simultaneously the scientific, social and cultural development of the country through the creation of foundations designed to select, finance and otherwise stimulate… [ + ] información
  The currency-issuing attribute, characteristic of the Nation’s monetary sovereignty, is exclusive to the Banco de la República and can not be delegated. This attribute has materialised by means of various contracts, with the authorisation of Congress.  
  As with any central bank, the Banco de la República plays the role of banker of banks. On one hand, it is the depository of the money allocated in fulfilment of the bank reserve requirements, which serve to regulate the credit-issuing capacity of the… [ + ] información
  It is the Banco de la República’s responsibility to administer the country’s international reserves, including management, investment, safekeeping and disposal of reserve assets. Investment takes place principally by following the criteria of security and… [ + ] información
  The Banco de la República fulfils these duties by receiving funds in deposit from the Nation and public entities under the conditions established by the Board of Directors. Furthermore, the Banco de la República may act as fiscal agent in the negotiation of… [ + ] información