Bank Emblem


In 1998 the Bank adopted a new corporate image and modified its logo by re-adopting the traditional design of Mariana of Liberty, the original emblem at the time of the institution’s creation in 1923. The Mariana is an allegorical symbol of liberty inspired by the French Revolution, that according to some represents the people and according to others, represents the Republic. Colombian admiration for the French Revolution is registered in our history at the time when The Predecessor, Antonio Nariño, translated and published “The Rights of Man”. A few years after achieving independence, a curious adaptation of the Mariana’s figure, adorned with native feathers, was found on some of the first coins produced out by the patriots. After 1837, the Mariana recovers its traditional aspect and becomes a frequently used element in banknote and currency design. At the beginning of the 20th century, when the Third French Republic was consolidated and republican style was observed in our architecture, it did not come as a surprise that the founders chose the name of Banco de la República to baptise the new central bank created in Colombia. Neither is it surprising that the Mariana symbol was adopted in the Bank’s emblem.