Don't be Deceived! There are Five Ways to Verify the Authenticity of Banknotes

The new family of banknotes in circulation have easily recognizable features to prevent counterfeiting.
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Banco de la República (the Central Bank of Colombia) is constantly engaged in campaigns on how to recognize the authenticity of the new family of banknotes that include the latest technology to strengthen their security and maintain public confidence in cash. These elements are highly effective in preventing counterfeiting and are easily recognizable.

The banknotes share the same security technology that is supported by several easy-to-verify elements. Some of them are security tape, watermark, matched images, and an image that changes color and has a motion effect.

Look, touch, lift, tilt, and check! These are the five ways to recognize the authenticity of Colombian banknotes:

  • Look: study the images and colors on the banknote
  • Touch: feel the high relief of some images and texts
  • Lift: hold the banknote up to the light and see the images
  • Tilt: note the color change effects and movement when the banknote is rotated
  • Check: observe fluorescence using ultraviolet lamps and check micro texts using a magnifying glass.

For example, the $100 thousand-peso bill, which has been in circulation since 31 March 2016, has features such as its dimensions that allow it to be verified: 66 mm X 153 mm, green as the predominant color, the image of President Carlos Lleras Restrepo together with the barranquero bird and the flower of the sietecueros on the obverse. The reverse side highlights the Cocora Valley in Quindío and the wax palm, our national tree.

These details and the security features of the $100 thousand-peso banknote are explained on our YouTube channel

Banco de la República invites the entire community to follow the steps to verify the authenticity of all Colombian banknotes and thus avoid being a victim of fraud. Learn much more here