Bogotá, Colombia

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Job Vacancies in Colombia: 1976-2012

Based on the counting of Help-wanted advertisements in print newspapers, we present national vacancy indexes and vacancy rates for Colombia. These series will allow tackling a myriad of questions related to the functioning of the labor markets in emerging economies, where such datasets were not…

Jobless Recoveries

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Labor Market Rigidities and Informality in Colombia

Lessons from the 2008 Financial Crisis: How financial infrastructures mitigate Systemic Fragility

SEACEN – CEMLA Conference “The Implementation of Monetary Policy: Lessons from the Crisis and Challenges for Coming Years”. Kuala Lumpur,

Liquidity when it matters: QE and Tobin’s q

Macro-prudential assessment of Colombian financial institutions’ systemic importance

This document presents an enhanced and condensed version of preceding proposals for identifying systemically important financial institutions in Colombia. Three systemic importance metrics are implemented: (i) money market net exposures network hub centrality; (ii) large-value payment system…

Macroeconomic Regimes, Policies, and Outcomes in the World




Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel

Managing Capital Inflows in Emerging Markets The Case of Colombia

Paper and presentatio for the High-level Conference Managing Capital Flows in Emerging Markets by the Brazilian authorities and the IMF. Río de Janeiro, Brazil.

Mapping Systemic Risk in the International Banking Network

March 2000