Bogotá, Colombia

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Inflation Report - March 2009

Inflation Report - March 2010

Inflation Report - March 2012

In March 2012, annual inflation was 3.4%. This is 15 basis points (bp) less than the rate recorded in December (Graph A). A decreasing trend in annual inflation started in October, when inflation reached its highest level in 2011 (4.0%).

Inflation Report - March 2014

The Inflation Targeting Scheme in Colombia

Inflation Report - September 2006

Inflation Report - September 2012

In September 2012 annual change in the consumer price index (CPI), core inflation measures, expectations at different horizons and inflation forecast for December stood around the mid-point of the target range (3%).

At the end of the third quarter annual inflation stood at 3.08%, down by…

Inflation Report - September 2013

Inflation Targeting in Latin America: Toward a Monetary Union?

Inflation targeting, macroeconomic modeling, and forecasting.

Programa Lunes 14 de enero 9:00 - 10:30 AM. Lavan Mahadeva - Bank of England

Inflation Targeting, Sudden Stops and the Cost of Fear of Floating

Sudden stops seem to create the perfect environment for disinflation, especially when central banks defend the exchange rate by increasing interest rates. We propose a variation of the output gap model that incorporates the sudden stop shock. The use of the model in policy analysis shows that…

Infrastructure and Economic Growth

Institutional Efficiency in Independent Central Banking: A Communicative Matter?

Political economists have traditionally been indifferent to the communicative construction of money and central banking in the public sphere. It does not matter to them whether monetary affairs are rendered as a rational game over the preservation of the value of the currency or, for example, as…


International Financial Conglomerates: The Perspective of an Expanding Emerging Financial System

Speech read in the seminar “La Expansión Internacional de los Conglomerados Financieros” organized by the International Monetary Fund and Banco de la Republica de Colombia, Bogotá

International Propagation of Shocks: An evaluation of contagion effects for some Latin American countries

International Reserves Management in the Central Bank of Colombia

Zurich, Switzerland, 8-9 September


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