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Information related to the Bank's economic, legal, and/or cultural programmes, including information on the Luis Angel Arango Library, and the Gold Museum can be sent to you by means of registering with an e-mail listing provided by the Banco de la República’s website.

In order to receive information please provide your e-mail address and choose ONE of the two lists of your preference, then click on the Sign In/Update button. Once you have selected the list, you may choose the subject or subjects that interest you and periodical information about these subjects will be sent to you.

In order to receive information from the second list please re-enter and sign in.


Your information is personal and will be used by the Banco de la República solely to establish user profiles and thereby provide a better service. 

Economic and Legal Information list 
Cultural activities of the Banco de la República, Luis Ángel Arango Library and the Gold Museum list 
Regulation list 

Sus datos personales serán utilizados solamente por el Banco de la República, con el fin de conocer a los usuarios y brindar un mejor servicio.