Foreign Reserves Management 2019

Autor o Editor
Banco de la República
Gerencia Técnica
Hernando Vargas
Subgerencia Monetaria y de Inversiones Internacionales
Pamela Cardozo
Departamento de Inversiones Internacionales
Diego Felipe Cifuentes
Andrés Cabrales
Jack Bohm
Carlos Espinosa
Santiago Guerrero
Nicolás Rubio
Adriana Sierra
Philip Symington
Gladys Andrea Galeano
Marisol Cárdenas
Sara González
Sergio Hernández
Cristiam Rincón
Orlando Rubio
Christian Amaya
Ingrid Marcela Sierra
Mónica Rodríguez
Mariana Escobar
Camilo Soto
Pedro Sorza
Jaider Garcés
Camilo Restrepo
Yesenia Silva
Miguel Gómez
Daniel Díaz
Cristian Camilo
Fecha de publicación
The Colombian Constitution and Law 31/1992 (Article 14) assigned Banco de la República a mandate to manage Colombia’s foreign reserves. Likewise, they also stipulate that the criteria to manage foreign reserves are safety, liquidity, and return. The purpose of this report is to explain how Colombia’s foreign reserves are managed. At December 2018, they amounted to USD 48,392 million (m).
The report begins with a description of the main concepts associated with foreign reserves and outlines the framework on which its management by the Bank is based. It then describes, in detail, the policy for managing foreign reserves, as well as the fundamental aspects of its operation. The report ends with an account of the current state of the country’s foreign reserves.