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BDBR Report to Congress

The main purposes of the first Report that the de Board of Directors of Banco de la República (BDBR) submits to Congress at the beginning of its regular meetings each year are: to examine the performance of the country's economy during the immediately preceding year; to explain the actions for...

Current Developments of Regional Economic Activity

Find information on the economic activity of eight regions of the country during the third quarter of the year in the most recent Regional Economic Bulletins (Boletines Económicos Regionales, BER).

Financial Stability Report - First Semester of 2020

Financial Stability Report - First Semester of 2021 (Only in Spanish)

El principal objetivo del Banco de la República es preservar la capacidad adquisitiva de la moneda, en coordinación con la política económica general, entendida como aquella que propende por estabilizar el producto y el empleo en sus niveles sostenibles de largo plazo.

El adecuado...

Financial Stability Report - Second Semester 2020

The Colombian financial system has not suffered major structural disruptions during these months of deep economic contraction and has continued to carry out its basic functions as usual, thus facilitating the economy's response to extreme conditions.

Foreign Reserves Management 2019

The Colombian Constitution and Law 31/1992 (Article 14) assigned Banco de la República a mandate to manage Colombia’s foreign reserves. Likewise, they also stipulate that the criteria to manage foreign reserves are safety, liquidity, and return. The purpose of this report is to explain how...

Inflation Report - December 2009

Inflation Report - December 2010

In 2010, the annual CPI variation was 3.17%, this figure being close to the midpoint of the inflation target range (between 2% and 4%) fixed for this year by the JDBR, the Board of Directors of Banco de la Republica, the Central Bank of Colombia.

In the past quarter, the so-called “La...

Inflation Report - December 2013

Global economy continued to recover in the fourth quarter of 2013, thanks to the added momentum in the developed economies, especially the United States. In the euro area, the economic indicators pointed to low, but positive economic growth. Growth in the major emerging countries of Asia and...

Inflation Report - June 2010

Inflation Report - June 2012

In June 2012 annual inflation stood at 3.2%, down by 20 basis points (bp) from the figure of March, resuming its downtrend after remaining relatively stable in April and May.

From March to June, year-on-year change in the consumer price index (CPI) for food fell from 4.6% to 4.2%,...

Inflation Report - June 2013

External demand during the first half of 2013 was somewhat weaker than expected. In the United States, our largest trading partner, the increase in private spending is being offset partly by fiscal consolidation, which has led to a slight decline in the forecast for that country’s growth. The...

Inflation Report - June 2019

Editor’s Note

Banco de la República is currently in the process of modernizing its Inflation Report with the goal of communicating an analysis of economic conditions and forecasts for the economy in a better way. For that reason, as of the October edition, the...

Inflation Report - March 2009

Inflation Report - March 2010

Inflation Report - March 2012

In March 2012, annual inflation was 3.4%. This is 15 basis points (bp) less than the rate recorded in December (Graph A). A decreasing trend in annual inflation started in October, when inflation reached its highest level in 2011 (4.0%).

Inflation Report - September 2012

In September 2012 annual change in the consumer price index (CPI), core inflation measures, expectations at different horizons and inflation forecast for December stood around the mid-point of the target range (3%).

At the end of the third quarter annual inflation stood at 3.08%, down by...

Inflation Report - September 2013

July 2019 Report to Congress


In an environment of greater restrictions to world trade and deterioration of global confidence, economic growth for the first quarter of the year in a number of emerging economies including Colombia was lower than expected, and the forecasts for 2019 decreased.


July 2020 Monetary Policy Report

Vis-a-vis the beginning of the pandemic some months ago, the real and financial dimensions of the macroeconomic outlook have been better outlined, although uncertainty remains very high and several of its sources are still present. On the one hand, the duration of the effects of the pandemic and...