Foreign Reserves Management 2021

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Office of the Deputy Technical Governor
Vargas-Herrera, Hernando
Office for Monetary Operations and International Investments
Cardozo-Ortiz, Pamela Andrea
International Investments Department
Cifuentes, Diego Felipe
Sub-Directorate for Portfolio Management
Cabrales, Andrés
Bohm, Jack
Espinosa, Carlos
Guerrero, Santiago
Rubio, Nicolás
Symington, Philip
Rodríguez, Laura
Rincón, Laura
Sub-Directorate for Risk Management
Galeano, Gladys Andrea
González, Sara
Hernández, Sergio
Rincón, Cristiam
Ortiz, Daniel
Pedreros, Ángel
Guerra, Juan Pablo
Sovereign Funds and Technical Support Section
Sierra, Ingrid Marcela
Rodríguez, Mónica
Escobar, Mariana
Rengifo, Mónica
Information Development and Management Section
Sorza, Pedro
Díaz, Nicolás
Restrepo, Camilo
Silva, Yesenia
Research and Analysis Group
Gómez, Miguel
Díaz, Daniel
Camilo, Cristian
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The Colombian Constitution and Law 31/1992 (Article 14) give Banco de la República a mandate to manage Colombia’s foreign reserves, in addition to stipulating the criteria on managing these reserves, which are safety, liquidity and return. The purpose of this report is to explain how Colombia’s foreign reserves are managed. As of December 2020, net foreign reserves amounted to USD 59,031.

The report begins with a description of the main concepts associated with foreign reserves and outlines the framework on which their management by the Bank is based. It then describes, in detail, the policy for managing these reserves, as well as the fundamental aspects of its operation. The report ends with a description of the current state of the country’s foreign reserves.