Purchases / Sales of TES, Foreign Exchange, and TES Portfolio Holdings by Banco de la República

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  • Banco de la República (the Central Bank of Colombia, BR) hereby informs that in May 2020 it did not make purchases or sales of TES B in the market, and that it carried out a debt swap operation with the Government for COP $1,766 billion (nominal value)

    At the end of May, the outstanding balance of TES held by BR was COP $20,704.5 b (value at market prices). The TES portfolio of BR (expressed in nominal terms) is composed of peso-denominated TES (COP $15,928.8 b) and UVR-denominated TES (UVR 8.2 b.).

    In June 2020, none of the TES B held by BR expires.

  • With regard to the foreign exchange market, in May, BR bought USD$2,000 million to the Government (see press release).

    Additionally, BR sold USD $1,668.1 million through Non-Delivery Forwards contracts. USD $978.9 million corresponded to the renewal of maturing contracts.

    Finally, BR purchased USD399.7 million that corresponded to the maturities of FX swap contracts (sales of US dollars in the spot market by BR and future delivery purchases).


Publication date: 
Friday, 5 June 2020