Public Service System

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RUT Banco de la República


Banco de la República has a Public Service System (SAC)to handle or manage requests, complaints, claims, suggestions and reports (PQR).

A PQR requests, complaints, claims, suggestions and reports may be presented through any of the following channels:

Atención presencialPersonal service on-site
Telephone Telephone
Atención virtualElectronic form

These channels should not be used:

By bidders or contractors to send communication related to contacting with the Bank.  The procedures and channels for doing so are specified in our General Contracting System, as outlined in the respective contract or service agreement.

By judicial authorities to send notices. An electronic mailbox  or email is available exclusively to judicial authorities for this purpose. Therefore, messages that are not judicial notices will not be read and will be deleted automatically from our servers. Check here for the address and information on terms and conditions for use.

Remember, you can also send a complaint or claim directly to the Office of the Financial Superintendent of Colombia at

Guide to Personal Service for the Disabled

 The guide outlines the steps to be followed nationwide by all Banco de la República staff members, temporary employees and contractors when serving members of the public who have a disability.

 It is essential to Banco de la República that all its employees and collaborators put this guide into practice when serving the disabled, so as to establish more inclusive, responsible and equitable practices for this segment of the general public.

The Law on Personal Data Protection

You may exercise your fundamental right to writ of habeas data, according to Law 1581 of 2012, which is known as the Personal Data Protection Act. As the owner of your personal data, you are entitled to access, know, update and correct it; stay informed about how it is used and any authorization given to that effect; submit inquiries and complaints; and revoke authorization or request deletion of your data, when appropriate. Click here for more information on the protection of your personal data with Banco de la República.

Click here to view the text of the Letter on Appropriate Treatment.

Transparency and Information of Interest

Banco de la República makes this section on transparency available in accordance with Statutory Law 1712 of 2014 and MINTIC Resolution 3564 "Government Strategy Online, GEL". Click here.