Banco de la República will issue a conmemorative coin honoring the bicentenary of the independence

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This image does not match the final design of the commemorative coin of the bicentenary of Colombian independence. It is an approximation, and the final artwork may undergo variations in the coming days. In order to use or reproduce this image, you must consider that it is not the final design.

Banco de la República (the Central Bank of Colombia), in compliance with the Ley del Plan Nacional de Desarrollo (Law of the National Development Plan), will issue only once and for commemorative purposes a coin honoring the bicentennial of the independence of Colombia. The coin shall be made available to the public as from 2020.

This commemorative coin bases its design on the first national currency, known at the time as "La China," which circulated after the “Battle of Boyacá.”

Coin known as "La China."

The obverse of the coin will show the profile of an indigenous woman symbolizing freedom in America. In this figure, freedom was represented by a woman, her indigenous traits with a feather headdress represented America. AMERICAN FREEDOM is the text that frames the figure, along with the year of its original minting, "1819."

The other side of the coin will include a picture of a pomegranate that reminds of the name of the country, the words “REPUBLIC OF COLOMBIA,” the year of minting "2019," and a latent image that, depending on the angle from which it is seen, will reflected the initials "BR” or the Arabic numeral "10."

The coin, of silver color, made from an alloy of copper and nickel, will have an approximate diameter of 35 mm and a nominal value of COP $10,000.



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