Sustainability Report 2011

Banco de la República

The Sustainability Report presents topics related to corporate governance and institutional performance of Banco de la República regarding economic, social and environmental issues. This report intends to strengthen the efforts made by the Central Bank on transparency and accountability addressed both at the Colombian society and the international community. It provides a better understanding of the Bank’s contribution to sustainable development as well as of the challenges it faces regarding this topic. The report presents a comprehensive overview of the activities of the Central Bank of Colombia in Bogotá and its 28 branches and cultural agencies, and is addressed at a wide audience of people and organizations. 


The present Sustainability Report includes eight chapters describing the most relevant issues for the Central Bank as of December 31, 2010 comprising environmental, social and economic aspects which are essential to all sustainable organizations. In order to develop this first report, the Bank followed the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), which is the standard methodology mostly used worldwide for this type of reports. This guarantees that the information presented in the report be transparent, material and comparable. Additionally, all areas of the Central Bank participated in defining the most relevant issues. With this first report, Banco de la República also wishes to encourage other public and private organizations to publish their own reports as effective communication and account-rendering tools.

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