Changes in the Statistics on Foreign Portfolio Investment in the Foreign Exchange Cash Balance

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Banco de la República reports that, following the amendment of the External Regulatory Letter DCIN 83 on 16 January 2020 regarding the exchange reports of foreign portfolio investment, the exchange reports shall not discriminate henceforth between cash flows due to liquidation of capital from foreign portfolio investment and those due to profits, yields, and dividend of such investment. These operations will now be reported using a single exchange code.

For this reason, and for the statistics of the Foreign Exchange Cash Balance to be comparable over time, starting with the publication as of 17 January 2020, the series of the Domestic Foreign Exchange Cash Balance have been reprocessed since September 2001.

Specifically, the payments due to revenue, yields, and dividends from foreign portfolio investment were reclassified from the category of financial services in the current account to that of foreign portfolio investment in Colombia in the capital account.

The new series can be consulted at in the file under the heading "Resumen balanza cambiaria doméstica (Desde 09/2001),” or in the Monetary and Exchange Rate Statistics Report ( (information only available in Spanish)

The previous series until 10 January 2020 are still available at in the file “Resumen balanza cambiaria doméstica (hasta 10/01/2020).”

The statistics presented in the Magazine of Banco de la República and those on the consolidated Foreign Exchange Cash Balance have not been reprocessed yet.

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