Banco de la República receives a valuable donation

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On Monday, 16 December 2019, at the headquarters of Banco de la República in Bogotá, the donation of a collection of engravings was formalized, comprising 18 pieces which are part of the work entitled Les Grandes Misers et Malheurs de la Guerre. The natural author of the works is Lorena Jacques Callot, who published them in 1633 in Paris, France.

The donor of the collection is the British professor and historian Malcolm Deas, who stated that the pieces he donated to the Central Bank belong to him and therefore are free from any claim.

Professor Deas, Angela Pérez (Chief Officer for Cultural Affairs) Efraín Sánchez (Advisor to the Office for Cultural Affairs), and Governor Juan José Echavarría were present at the ceremony to officialize this donation.

In this regard, Governor Echavarría said: “We are grateful for this important donation, which complements Banco de la República's extensive collection of art works and engravings.”


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