Banco de la República Issues a Coin Commemorating the Bicentennial of Colombia’s Independence

The coin will be available to the public from October 4, 2021



Banco de la República has minted a coin celebrating the bicentennial of Colombia’s independence. Issued for commemorative purposes and for one time only, in compliance with the National Development Plan Act, it will be available to the public from October 4, 2021.

The design of this commemorative coin is based on a coin minted in Colombia between 1813 and 1826, which was known at the time as La India or La China.


The obverse side of the commemorative coin features the profile of a woman symbolizing freedom. With her indigenous features and feathered headdress, she represents LIBERTAD AMERICANA (AMERICAN FREEDOM). These words frame the image, along with the original mint year: 1819.

The reverse side of the coin shows the pomegranate that was used on the Republican coin and recalls the name of the country. It also contains the words REPUBLIC OF COLOMBIA, the mint year: 2019 and a latent image that reflects the initials BR or the Arabic numeral 10, depending on the angle from which it is viewed.

The silver-colored coin (copper-nickel alloy) measures approximately 35 mm in diameter and has a face value of $10,000.

How to obtain the Colombian Independence Bicentennial Coin?

The coin may be purchased at the Banco de la República Treasury in Bogota or at its branches and cultural agencies nationwide. A prior appointment is necessary to ensure compliance with all health and distancing measures. 

Members of the public who wish to make an appointment to purchase this commemorative coin should take into account the following:

  • A maximum of five coins will be exchanged per person, in total and while the supply lasts.
  • The commemorative coin, which has a face value of $10,000, is legal tender and may be used for any type of monetary transaction for the equivalent of its face value.
  • The coin is silver-colored (copper and nickel alloy), 35 mm in diameter, 2.65 mm thick and weighs 21.75 grams.



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