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Carlos Gustavo Cano Carlos Gustavo Cano: On the crisis

Article published on BIS Review, Bankers’ Speeches...

PDF icon Article published on May 2012 Mayo 15 2012, Basilea, Suiza
José Darío Uribe ¿How Can Macro-Prudential Policies or Frameworks for Financial Stability Be Designed to Preserve the Credibility of Monetary Policy to Keep Inflation Low? Reflections from a commodity exporting, small open economy

High Level Conference on “Macroprudential Policies to...

PDF icon Remarks Marzo 01 2012, Bogotá, Colombia
Alison Booth, Lina Cardona Sosa, Patrick Nolen Gender Differences in Risk Aversion: Do Single-Sex Environments Affect their Development? PDF icon Remarks Noviembre 2011, Medellín, Colombia
José Darío Uribe Lessons from the 2008 Financial Crisis: How financial infrastructures mitigate Systemic Fragility

SEACEN – CEMLA Conference ...

PDF icon Remarks Octubre 13 2011, Bogotá, Colombia
José Darío Uribe Capital Flows, Policy Challenges and Policy Options PDF icon Remarks Octubre 13 2011, Bogotá, Colombia
José Darío Uribe Casting Light on Shadow Banking: Data Needs for Financial Stability

IMF Statistics Department Seminar. ...

PDF icon Remarks Septiembre 23 2011, Bogotá, Colombia
José Darío Uribe Fostering Balanced Growth in the Current External Environment


PDF icon Presentation Septiembre 21 2011, Bogotá, Colombia
José Darío Uribe A New Era of Cross-Border Flows: A Return of Financial Repression?

Participation notes for the seminar entitled “From the...

PDF icon Remarks Julio 18 2011, Bogotá, Colombia
José Darío Uribe The Present Conditions, Monetary Policy and Outlook for the Economy and Investments in Colombia


PDF icon Presentation Junio 28 2011, Bogotá, Colombia
José Darío Uribe Managing Capital Inflows in Emerging Markets The Case of Colombia

Paper and presentatio for the High-level Conference...

PDF icon Remarks
PDF icon Presentation
Mayo 27 2011, Bogotá, Colombia


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