As of June 2021, DANE and Banco de la República (BR) began to jointly report on the national accounts by institutional sector (CNSI). These will henceforth be published on a quarterly basis with a lag of less than three months. DANE prepares the National Accounts, in which all economic transactions are recorded from the point of view of production, income, final demand, and the calculation of the net non-financial loan understood as the imbalance between savings and investment. Banco de la República (BR) is in charge of preparing the financial accounts based on information on the financial assets and liabilities and calculating the net financial loan, which is the counterpart of the real net loan and corresponds to the imbalance between savings and investment calculated by DANE1. The coordinated work between the two institutions guarantees the macroeconomic coherence and consistency of the results and provides a valuable tool to analyze and monitor the Colombian economy.