3. Office of the Governor

Apart from the functions exercised as a member of the Board of Directors, the Governor (General Manager) is the legal representative of the Bank and has responsibility for its administration.  Accordingly, the Governor may execute directly, or direct the execution of the policies and programs of the institution, order spending and investment to the extent of the authority determined by the Board of Directors or the Administrative Council, and direct all other activities to be carried out by the Bank.

The functions of the Office of the Governor are stipulated in Decree 2520 of 1993 and in Law 31 of 1992.


3.1 Communication and Economic Education Department

  1. Develop strategies and actions related to policy on external and internal communications.
  2. Carry out activities intended to promote economic and financial education on topics related to the Bank's functions. 


3.2 Internal Disciplinary Control Unit

  1. Take disciplinary action, in the first instance, as provided for in Law 734 of 2002.
  2. Coordinate prevention and orientation programs by providing the Bank's employees with training on application of the disciplinary rules and regulations that are in effect.
  3. Respond to requests from the Attorney General's Office and other supervisory bodies, and send information to the Attorney General's Office on disciplinary measures or sanctions that have been imposed.
  4. Determine criminal behavior to be reported to the Attorney General's Office when, in the course of a disciplinary process, it becomes known that a crime allegedly has been committed on occasion, by reason of, or as a consequence of the position or function performed.