6. Office for General Corporate Services

Guide and oversee corporate support functions related to human resources, technology, logistics, financial services, safety and security, infrastructure and health management.



6.1 Protection and Security Department

  1. Identify, analyze and evaluate possible risks that may affect the security of the Bank's staff, its premises and assets by adopting security and control measures to mitigate such risks.
  2. Plan, authorize and supervise air and ground operations to transport securities locally and nationwide, with the support of civil authorities and law enforcement.
  3. Evaluate and coordinate security activities with the interrelated area responsible for the design, supply, installation and maintenance of equipment and electronic and mechanical systems for the Bank’s headquarters and its branch offices.

6.2 Infrastructure Department

  1. Maintain and update the physical infrastructure the Bank requires to perform its duties.

6.3 Health Management Department

  1. Manage the health plan for the Bank's employees and pensioners.

6.4 Architecture and Technological Innovation Department

  1. Advise, design and propose strategies for ICT management and mount technological architecture aligned to the Bank's business architecture.
  2. Manage the ICT project portfolio.
  3. Oversee structured ICT information, knowledge, innovation and the quality management system.

6.5 General Directorate for Technology Management

  1. Coordinate and direct the implementation of policies and standards on the use of information technology, telecommunications, multimedia, computer security and electronic security at the Bank.

6.5.1 Information Technology Infrastructure Department

  1. Maintain the computer and telecommunications infrastructure operational and technologically up-to-date in terms of e-mail, Internet, storage and information backup, telephony and videoconferencing services.

6.5.2 Information Systems Department

  1. Provide, maintain, update and support IT solutions that reinforce and sustain operations in all the Bank’s units and branches.
  2. Produce developments and perform assessment tests of critical information systems at the Bank.

6.5.3 Information Security Department

  1. Identify, analyze and evaluate possible risks that could affect the Bank's IT security.
  2. Evaluate and coordinate compliance with the fundamentals of integrity, confidentiality, availability, authenticity, access authorization or control, non-repudiation and observance of information, all in line with the Bank's IT security model.

6.5.4 Information Technology Services Department

  1. Handle IT and technical support requests from users nationwide and external clients for all IT products and services.
  2. Manage continuity and control the risk of non-availability of IT services, in addition to overseeing the design, implementation, verification and operation of technological contingency strategies.
  3. Manage and oversee the infrastructure for personal computing in terms of both software and hardware.
  4. Manage the computer centers nationwide and supervise the platform from an operational and technological standpoint, as well as the information stored therein.
  5. Manage and oversee the SEBRA access portal for internal users, as well as for outside agencies and institutions that operate as customers of the Bank's services.

6.5.5 Electronic Security Unit

  1. Maintain, oversee and update the Bank's electronic and mechanical security systems.

6.6 General Directorate for Human Resource Management

  1. Coordinate and direct management of human talent within the Bank, and propose policies designed to promote an organizational culture that motivates employees to reach their full potential.
  2. Guide application of the rules and procedures for individual and collective labor, in accordance with the law, the bylaws of the Bank and other regulations.
  3. Direct the organizational design of the Bank.

6.6.1 Planning and Administrative Management Department

  1. Manage employee compensation and benefits.
  2. Manage and handle information on human talent.
  3. Manage and control the acquisition of goods and services and the process to contract suppliers.
  4. Oversee and manage information on job experience countrywide, issue labor certificates, and lead the process for collecting the revenue and assets statements required from all the Bank's employees. Manage information pursuant to the policies of the General Directorate of Information Management.
  5. Handle the administrative aspects of contracting employees for the Bank, employees on mission and other types of hiring.

6.6.2 Recruitment, Development and Cultural Department

  1. Select the Bank's internal and outside personnel, in addition to managing employee development and organizational performance.
  2. Conducted training and development processes, strengthening skills and abilities, among other talents.
  3. Manage processes concerned with cultural transformation, quality of life, climate management and organizational culture.
  4. Reinforce channels for serving pensioners and with regard to employee experience.

6.6.3 Human Resource Management Services Department

  1. Manage services related to the payroll, pensions, employee and retiree benefits and entitlements.
  2. Manage accounting information on compensation and benefits.
  3. Apply the individual and collective labor system, pursuant to the law, the bylaws of the institution and other regulations.

6.6.4 Human Capital Business Relationship Management (BRM) Unit

  1. Support and undertake processes to manage human talent and advise managers on collective labor and development issues and on how to apply and publicize human resource management policies, processes and services.
  2. Advise and implement organizational design processes, do feasibility, and cost analysis, and propose, guide and monitor, and follow up on efforts to close gaps.
  3. Help to manage compensation and benefits and take part in the design and assessment of job posts, in addition to leading the process to develop job descriptions and manuals on functions and procedures.
  4. Guide and follow up on new developments with employees due to transfers and occupational and labor issues, among others, and produce training plans for adjustment to job profiles.
  5. Lead optimal plant processes at the Bank.
  6. Manage documents for the publication of the first-level organization chart and the functions associated with the Transparency Act.

6.7 General Directorate for Logistics

  1. Guide and direct activities related to the procurement of goods and services, and management of the Bank's real estate.
  2. Guide and direct activities related to the provision of general services.

6.7.1 Purchasing Department

  1. Purchase goods and services, in accordance with the Bank's general procurement system.
  2. Coordinate preparation of the national purchasing plan, pursuant to the budget.

6.7.2 Administrative Services Department

  1. Direct and propose policies and procedures to manage movable fixed assets.
  2. Provide administrative services to support management of the Infrastructure Department in terms of processes for budgeting, contracting, accounting, payment and file management, among others.
  3. Support accounting, budget and payment management for the departments of the Bank that do not have administrative areas.
  4. Manage services related to the vehicle fleet, parking, publications, tickets, cleaning and the cafeteria, among others.

6.7.3 Contracts Unit

  1. Draft contracts, agreements, additional or supplementary clauses and contract termination papers for the Bank.

6.8 General Directorate for Information Management

  1. Lead and coordinate information management at the Bank.
  2. Guide information management pursuant to the Transparency Act, the information management governance framework, information management policies and other applicable regulations.
  3. Lead implementation of the Document Management System at the Bank and supervise operation of the Corporate Content Management System (iConecta).
  4. Coordinate management of the Citizen Service System.

6.8.1 Document Management Department

  1. Supervise operation of the Information Management System and propose plans and projects to improve it.
  2. Take charge of the Bank´s information management tools.
  3. Manage the preservation of institutional memory by supervising operation of the archive system.
  4. Manage document logistics by overseeing correspondence, messaging, the signature catalog and the publication of rules, regulations and circular letters.