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Author(s) / Editor(s): 
  • Vargas-Herrera, Hernando
  • Cardozo-Ortiz, Pamela Andrea
  • Machado-Franco, Clara Lía
  • Cadena-Silva, Carlos Alberto
  • Cepeda-López, Freddy Hernán
  • Ciceri-Lozano, Aura María
  • León-Rincón, Carlos Eduardo
  • Mariño-Martínez, Ricardo
  • Martínez-Ventura, Ana Constanza
  • Miguélez, Javier
  • Ortega-Castro, Fabio Gonzalo

Payment Systems Report - 2021 (Only in Spanish)

With its annual Payment Systems Report, Banco de la República offers a complete overview of the infrastructure of Colombia’s financial market. Each edition of the report has four objectives: 1) to publicize a consolidated account of how the figures for payment infrastructures have evolved with respect to both financial assets and goods and services; 2) to summarize the issues that are being debated internationally and are of interest to the industry that provides payment clearing and settlement services; 3) to offer the public an explanation of the ideas and concepts behind retail-value payment processes and the trends in retail payments within the circuit of individuals and companies; and 4) to familiarize the public, the industry, and all other financial authorities with the methodological progress that has been achieved through applied research to analyze the stability of payment systems.

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Thursday, 1 July 2021