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Call for papers 2015: Equitable, Competitive and Sustainable Development of Agriculture in Colombia

The Banco de la República (Central Bank of Colombia) invites the academic community to submit papers for possible publication in the book titled “Equitable, Competitive and Sustainable Development of Agriculture in Colombia”. This publication aims to publish a set of articles that contribute to our understanding about the structural obstacles for agricultural development in Colombia.


Articles with an empirical approach from different disciplines, addressing some of these topics are especially welcome, including, but not limited to, the following: 


  • Cost of land and rural taxation: Distribution of land ownership and access to other natural resources.
  • Land use and efficiency of agricultural production: Conflict between actual use and agro-ecological aptitude. How to solve it?
  • Climate change and environmental regulation: Impact of climate change on income and food security of farmers. 
  • Rural labor market: Which is better for farmers, rural wages in the labor market or small property?
  • Social and economic conditions of rural population: Empowerment of rural women and their role in poverty alleviation, and promotion of agricultural development.
  • Financial exclusion: The role of the financial sector in promoting agricultural development. Institutional framework for promoting financial inclusion. Is it a problem of demand or supply? 
  • Technological exclusion: Access to technological and scientific knowledge for modern agriculture (e.g. biotechnology, nanotechnology, etc.). 
  • Agricultural subsidies: Conditions to ensure equity, sustainability and competitiveness.
  • Productive chains: Competition and market structures in each stage of the production chain, from inputs to final marketing.
  • Provision of public goods in the rural areas.