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Author(s) / Editor(s): 
  • Juan Carlos Echeverry

Summary of the Minutes of the Monetary Board, 1971, 1988

This piece was part of a research on the colombian inflationary experience published as: The Rise and Perpetuation of a Moderate Inflation, Colombia 1970-1991. It collects together the summaries of the response of Colombian policy-makers to the shocks identified in that paper. Since 1963 the Monetary, credit and exchange rate policies in the contry. This compilation consists of the opinions and policy measures related with anti-inflationary policy, registered either in the minutes of the meetings of the Monetary Board, the documents of the advisors (two qualified professionals that prepared a technical opinion on the issues at hand), or the actual policy measures undertaken (called "Resoluciones de la Junta Monetaria"). The choice was to report the minutes of sessions from two months before, until two months after every shock. The enphasis relies on those measures directly related to anti-inflationary packages eiter of monetary, exchange rate, foreign trade or government financing character. The description is chronological and faithful to the original writing; that is, this piece contains no interpretaion from our part