Perception Survey on the Use of Payment Instruments in Colombia (Only avialable in Spanish)

Every two years, Banco de la República’s (the Central Bank of Colombia) Office for Industrial Affairs, with the methodological consultancy of the Office for Economic Studies, applies the national survey on the provision of banknotes and coins and payment instruments (Epbmip in Spanish). The main purpose of this survey is to know the perception of natural persons (general public) and legal persons (merchants) regarding the provision of cash (coins and banknotes) in the economy.

Banrep’s Financial Infrastructure Oversight Department (DSIF) incorporates in a module of this survey a series of questions aimed at examining aspects related to the preferences of this population regarding the use of payment instruments (cash, cards, electronic deposits, checks, and electronic funds transfers), when making purchases of goods and services on a monthly basis, that is, payments related to the purchase of food, beverages, clothing, and payments for utilities, as well as transportation and housing.