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¿How Can Macro-Prudential Policies or Frameworks for Financial Stability Be Designed to Preserve the Credibility of Monetary Policy to Keep Inflation Low? Reflections from a commodity exporting, small open economy

High Level Conference on “Macroprudential Policies to Achieve Financial Stability,” organized by the Banco Central del Uruguay and the IMF.

The Resilience of Latin America to the Current Financial Crisis

¿BRETTON WOODS II en dificultades? Banco de España, Madrid, España.

The Present Conditions, Monetary Policy and Outlook for the Economy and Investments in Colombia

Adam Smith Seminar. Schloss Spiez, Switzerland 

The Eurozone Anxiety: Preparing emerging markets for different scenarios

Documento presentado en la HSBC Annual Emerging Markets Conference 2012

The Colombian Monetary and Exchange Regime Under Stress

Paper presented at Money and Banking Conference “Lessons and Challenges for Emerging Countries during the Crisis”.

The Colombian Economy and Monetary Policy

Presentación Florida International Banker´s Association Miami, Florida, octubre 07 de 2008.

Some Observations on Capital Flows in Emerging Economies

Presented at Chatham House City Series 2010 Conference.

Some Comments on the Interactions between Private Debt, Public Debt, Fiscal Deficits and Monetary Policy

Participation notes for the Colloquium in honor of Prof. José Manuel González-Páramo, organized by the European Central Bank.

Remarks at the Bear Stearns 2007 Colombia Conference

Remarks at the Bear Stearns 2006 Colombia Conference

Remarks presented at the Bear Stearns 2006 Colombia Conference.

Remarks at the Colombian American Association

Policy challenges facing central bankers in Latin America

Emerging Markets – Spring Lecture Series

Panel Discussion: "Will Financial Globalization Survive?"

Some remarks by Jose Dario Uribe, Governor of the Banco de la Republica, Colombia, at the 11th BIS Annual Conference on "The Future of Financial Globalization"Panel discussion: "Will Financial Globalization Survive?"

Lucerne – Suiza

Notes for Session III: “The Great Experimentation with Macro and Micro Prudential Policies”


Normalization of Monetary Policy in Industrialized Economies and the Possible Effects on Latin America and the Caribbean

Presentation by the Governor of the Banco de la República of Colombia, José Darío Uribe at the XCV Meeting of Governors of Central Banks of CEMLA for the Session: “Normalization of Monetary Policy in Industrialized Economies and the Possible Effects on Latin America and the Caribbean”

Monetary Policy in Colombia

Working paper for a meeting with the Governor of Banco de la República, the Finance Minister of Colombia and members of the Trade Council.

Monetary Policy Challenges in Latin America: Some General Principles for a Countercyclical Monetary Policy

Notas de la Presentación Reuniones Anuales del Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID) Medellín, marzo 29 de 2009

Monetary Policy and Growth: Colombia

Presented during the Panel: Macroeconomic View on Colombia in London of the 6th version of Colombia InsideOut.


Hosts : Bolsa de Valores de Colombia (BVC) and Depósito Centralizado de Valores (Deceval)

Managing Capital Inflows in Emerging Markets The Case of Colombia

Paper and presentatio for the High-level Conference Managing Capital Flows in Emerging Markets by the Brazilian authorities and the IMF. Río de Janeiro, Brazil.

Lessons from the 2008 Financial Crisis: How financial infrastructures mitigate Systemic Fragility

SEACEN – CEMLA Conference “The Implementation of Monetary Policy: Lessons from the Crisis and Challenges for Coming Years”. Kuala Lumpur,