Mission and Vision Statements

To contribute to the well-being of the Colombian population by preserving the purchasing value of the currency, and by supporting economic growth, generating knowledge, and fostering cultural activity in the country.
To be increasingly recognized, nationally and internationally, as an institution that is essential to the well-being of society, and which operates with excellence, transparency and sustainability.

The political Constitution determines that the main objective of Banco de la República is to preserve the purchasing value of the currency in coordination with the general economic policy, which seeks to stabilize output and employment at their long-term sustainable levels. For this purpose, the monetary policy seeks to generate the appropriate conditions for the economy to grow in a sustainable manner without inflationary pressures, as well as to contribute to minimizing the risks of macroeconomic and financial imbalances.

The Bank runs other central banking functions that have been assigned to it, which support the proper course of the economy. The generation of knowledge is also part of the mission of the Central Bank, given its impact on the country's social and economic development. For this purpose, the Bank promotes economic and financial research, as well as the production of high-quality statistics. Similarly, it encourages the improvement of specialized knowledge in the fields of economics and finance, which strengthens decision-making processes.

Additionally, the Bank is an important agent in the country's cultural scene. Its activity is part of a sustainable, accessible, and inclusive model that seeks to provide a context for public assets so that citizens can take ownership of the cultural heritage it manages, serving also as a national and international reference.