Purchases / Sales of TES, Foreign Exchange, and TES Portfolio Holdings by Banco de la República

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  • Banco de la República (the Central Bank of Colombia, BR) hereby informs that in December 2020 it did not make any purchases or sales of TES B in the market. At the end of December, the outstanding balance of TES held by BR was COP $21,088.3 billion (value at market prices).

    The TES portfolio of BR (expressed in nominal terms) is composed of peso-denominated TES (COP $15,928.8 billion) and UVR-denominated TES (UVR 8.2 billion).

    In January 2021, none of the TES held by BR expires.

    The TES portfolio holdings of BR at the end of June 2020 are presented below:

Maturity COP UVR
Up to 2 years:         2,811               -  
From 2 to 5 years:         2,213            777
Greater than 5 years:       10,905         1,475
TOTAL       15,929         2,252
Nominal Value, COP billion.


  • Regarding the foreign exchange market, in December, BR purchased USD 1,500 m from the National Central Government.

    Additionally, BR renewed USD 91.0 m of Non-Delivery Forward contracts.



Publication date: 
Friday, 8 January 2021