Journal Ensayos sobre Política Económica

Recently, a decision was reached regarding the editorial policy of the journal Ensayos Sobre Política Económica (Essays on Economic Policy-ESPE) with the aim of strengthening the production and dissemination of Banco de la Republica’s internal production that may contribute to the discussion of economic policy in Colombia. This purpose is similar to the one ESPE had at its beginning in 1982 and for over a decade.

As a result of this change, starting with number 87, ESPE will focus on publishing articles written by researchers from the Central Bank, and occasionally by researchers from other institutions. Additionally, the journal will no longer be printed, rather published only electronically with open access.

We would like to invite the public to visit the upcoming issues of ESPE online starting November 2018 and experience its transformation for themselves. We hope the renewal of the journal will contribute significantly to promoting policy debate in Colombia.

Finally, ESPE will soon be moving to the new research portal, where it will be hosted at a specific site.