Remarks and Presentations

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Gerardo Hernández 2020: Colombia Stability and Growth (Available only in Spanish)

Presentación realizada durante el Seminario Macro Anif 

Presentation Marzo 04 2020, Medellín, Colombia
Juan José Echavarría Comité Consultivo Cali (Available only in Spanish)

Presentación realizada durante el Comité consultivo de empresarios, en Cali. 

Presentation Febrero 14 2020, Cali, Colombia
Juan José Echavarría Anif ‐ Fedesarrollo (Available only in Spanish)

Presentación realizada en el Seminario Anif – Fedesarrollo, Club El Nogal.

Presentation Febrero 13 2020, Bogotá, Colombia
Juan José Echavarría Presentation - Monetary Policy Report, January 2020 (Available only in Spanish)

Presentación del Informe de Política Monetaria Enero 2020, realizada en la Universidad de la Salle.

Presentation Febrero 12 2020, Bogotá, Colombia
Ana Fernanda Maiguashca Colombia 2020

Presented during 6th BBVA Latin America Conference organized by the BBVA.

Presentation Enero 20 2020, Londres, Inglaterra
Juan José Echavarría, Daniel Osorio Presentation the Financial Stability Report - First Semester of 2019

Presented at the main building of Banco de la República (Central Bank of Colombia).

Video of the Financial Stability Report for the...

Presentation (Only Available in Spanish) Mayo 23 2019, Bogotá, Colombia
Juan José Echavarría Governor’s Presentation of the March 2019 Inflation Report Presentation: Inflation Report (2.06 MB) (Only Available in Spanish) Mayo 20 2019, Bogotá, Colombia
Juan José Echavarría Monetary policy framework: current challenges and the way forward

Presented at 9th High Level Conference on the International Monetary System.

Presentation Mayo 14 2019, Zurich, Suiza
Juan José Echavarría Commodity price volatility and policy challenges: an emerging market perspective

Presented at CVII Meeting of Central Bank Governors of CEMLA; Board of Governors and Assembly Meetings.

Presentation Abril 29 2019, Cartagena, Colombia
José Antonio Ocampo Time for a True Global Currency

Article published in the Project Synsicate magazine on April 5th, 2019.


Article Abril 05 2019,


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