Remarks and Presentations

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José Darío Uribe How Long Should Low Interest Rates Be Sustained? Colombia in the Context of Latin America

Paper presented al the "Investor Seminar at the time of the IMF/World Bank Annual Meetings 2009", for the panel "Emerging Markets in the Context of the End...

PDF icon Remarks Octubre 03 2009,
José Darío Uribe The Colombian Monetary and Exchange Regime Under Stress

Paper presented at Money and Banking Conference “Lessons and Challenges for Emerging Countries during the Crisis”.

PDF icon Remarks Septiembre 01 2009, Buenos Aires, Argentina
José Darío Uribe Monetary Policy Challenges in Latin America: Some General Principles for a Countercyclical Monetary Policy

Reuniones Anuales del Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID).

PDF icon Remarks Marzo 29 2009, Medellín, Colombia
José Darío Uribe Colombia´s Passage Trough the Current World Crisis

Presentation for "International Economic Forum Latin America and the Caribbean, 2009" Paris, France.

PDF icon Remarks Enero 26 2009,
José Darío Uribe Contribution to the Panel Discussion 12th Annual Conference Financial Stability, Monetary Policy and Central Banking

Santiago, Chile.

PDF icon Remarks Noviembre 2008,
José Darío Uribe The Colombian Economy and Monetary Policy

Speech given at The Florida International Bankers’ Association (FIBA). Miami, Florida

PDF icon Remarks Octubre 07 2008,
José Darío Uribe Some Relevant Lessons Learned from the Colombian Financial Crisis 1998-1999

XLV Meeting of Central Bank Governors of the American...

PDF icon Presentation Mayo 08 2008, Bogotá, Colombia
José Darío Uribe The Resilience of Latin America to the Current Financial Crisis

¿BRETTON WOODS II en dificultades? Banco de España, Madrid, España.

PDF icon Remarks Abril 18 2008,
José Darío Uribe Policy challenges facing central bankers in Latin America

Emerging Markets – Spring Lecture Series...

PDF icon Remarks Abril 06 2008,
José Darío Uribe Contribution to Panel: Inflation-Targeting in an Uncertain External Backdrop

Latin American Investor Conference organized by Merrill Lynch. Inter American Development Bank Meeting.

PDF icon Remarks Abril 05 2008, Bogotá, Colombia


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