Remarks and Presentations

Author Title File
Vernon Henderson The Geography of Development within Countries PDF icon Presentación número 3 Noviembre 01 2012, Bogotá, Colombia
Michael Kremer Randomized Trials in Education: What Have We Learned? PDF icon Presentation, October 2012 Octubre 12 2012, Medellín, Colombia
Eric Bettinger Nudges in Education: The Emerging Role of Behavioral Economics in Education PDF icon Presentation, October 2012 Octubre 12 2012, Medellín, Colombia
José Darío Uribe Colombia’s Recent Performance and Outlook

Presentación realizada en Latin American Chamber of Commerce - LATCAM

PDF icon Presentation Septiembre 11 2012, Bogotá, Colombia
José Darío Uribe The Eurozone Anxiety: Preparing emerging markets for different scenarios

Documento presentado en la HSBC Annual Emerging Markets Conference 2012

PDF icon Remarks Septiembre 11 2012, Bogotá, Colombia
José Darío Uribe Panel Discussion: "Will Financial Globalization Survive?"

Some remarks by Jose Dario Uribe, Governor of the Banco de la Republica, Colombia, at the 11th BIS Annual Conference on "The Future of Financial...

PDF icon Remarks Junio 22 2012, Bogotá, Colombia
Christopher A Pissarides Unemployment, informality and labor market performance

Slides delivered at Foro Mundial de Eempleo y  Prosperidad, organized by Colsubsidio and Acoset in May 2012

PDF icon Presentation Mayo 16 2012, Medellín, Colombia
José Darío Uribe Some Comments on the Interactions between Private Debt, Public Debt, Fiscal Deficits and Monetary Policy

Participation notes for the Colloquium in honor of Prof....

PDF icon Remarks Mayo 16 2012, Bogotá, Colombia
Carlos Gustavo Cano Carlos Gustavo Cano: On the crisis

Article published on BIS Review, Bankers’ Speeches...

PDF icon Article published on May 2012 Mayo 15 2012, Basilea, Suiza
José Darío Uribe ¿How Can Macro-Prudential Policies or Frameworks for Financial Stability Be Designed to Preserve the Credibility of Monetary Policy to Keep Inflation Low? Reflections from a commodity exporting, small open economy

High Level Conference on “Macroprudential Policies to...

PDF icon Remarks Marzo 01 2012, Bogotá, Colombia


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