Purchases / Sales of TES and Foreign Currencies, and TES Portfolio Holdings by Banco de la República

  • Banco de la República (the Central Bank of Colombia, BanRep) informs that in March 2022 it did not make outright sales or purchases of TES B in the market. As requested by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, on March 31, BanRep transferred TES from its monetary portfolio to the Ministry for COP $556.3 b (value at market prices) as payment of the Bank’s profit in 2021.

At the end of March 2022, the outstanding balance of TES held by BanRep was COP $28,660.5 b (value at market prices).

BanRep’s TES portfolio (expressed in nominal terms) is composed of peso-denominated TES (COP $26,099.6 b) and UVR-denominated TES (UVR 16.5 b).

In April 2022, none of the TES B held by BanRep expires.

  • Regarding the foreign exchange market, in March 2022, BanRep did not perform any sale or purchase.
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