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  • R.G. Fay
  • Adolfo Meisel (Prologue)

R.G. Fay Day Book

On February 14, 1903, R. G. Fay, a gunpowder expert from the United States sailed for Cartagena, Colombia aboard the Allegheny, a steamer that belonged to Hamburg Amerika Linie. Fay described the ship as a "fruit boat". All along his trip to South America and back, he wrote a journal. He also took numerous photographs at the places he visited. Both the journal and many of the pictures he took have survived in very good conditions. He stayed for several weeks in Cartagena, and he also visited Puerto Colombia and the islands of Saint Andrew and Providence. His journal may be of great interest to those who wish to learn about Colombia in 1903. For this reason, Banco de la República has decided to publish a digital facsimile of this document together with the photographs taken by its author during the trip.