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  • Board of Directors
  • Carrasquilla-Barrera, Alberto
  • Members of the Board
  • Hernández-Correa, Gerardo
  • Maiguashca-Olano, Ana Fernanda
  • Ocampo-Gaviria, José Antonio
  • Zárate-Perdomo, Juan Pablo
  • Soto, Carolina
  • Governor
  • Echavarría-Soto, Juan José

Report of the Board of Directors to the Congress of Colombia - March 2019

Complying with Article 5 of Act 31 of 1992, the Board of Directors of the Central Bank submits a report to the Congress of Colombia twice a year accounting for the behavior of the economy and its prospects. This report is delivered in March and July within 10 working days following the beginning of the sessions of the Congress.

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Monday, 30 September 2019

In compliance with Article 5, Act of Congress 31/1992, the Board of Directors of Banco de la República hereby submits to the Congress of the Republic of Colombia a report on the macroeconomic results for 2018 and the outlook for 2019 for its consideration. In the following chapters, the breakdown of the international reserves and their performance, the financial position of the Central Bank and its forecasts, and the Bank’s management of cultural assets are described.