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  • Office of the Deputy Technical Governor
  • Vargas-Herrera, Hernando
  • Office of the Deputy Governor for Monetary Policy and Economic Information
  • González-Gómez, Andrés
  • Programming and Inflation Department
  • Huertas-Campos, Carlos Alfonso
  • Cobo-Serna, Adolfo León
  • Caicedo-García, Edgar
  • Cárdenas-Hurtado, Camilo Alberto
  • Cote-Barón, Juan Pablo
  • Galeano-Ramírez, Franky
  • Martínez-Cortés, Nicolás
  • Rojas, Carlos Daniel
  • Pérez-Amaya, Julián Mauricio
  • López, David Camilo
  • Salazar-Diaz, Andrea
  • Gaitan, Celina
  • Restrepo-Ángel, Sergio
  • Parra-Amado, Daniel
  • Rodríguez, Diego
  • Anzola, Cesar
  • Méndez-Vizcaíno, Juan Camilo
  • Forero, Santiago
  • Moreno, Nicolás
  • Garavito-Acosta, Aarón Levi
  • Guarín-López, Alexander
  • Romero-Chamorro, José Vicente

Inflation Report - June 2019

In the Inflation Report, the Central Bank's technical staff analyzes the situation of the economy and inflation, and their mid and long-term outlook. Based on this, the staff provides insights to the Board of Directors on the recommended monetary policy stance.

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Monday, 29 July 2019

Editor’s Note

Banco de la República is currently in the process of modernizing its Inflation Report with the goal of communicating an analysis of economic conditions and forecasts for the economy in a better way. For that reason, as of the October edition, the report will be structured as follows:

1. Summary
2. Macroeconomic Forecasts
2.1 The External Context
2.1.1 External Demand
2.1.2 External Prices
2.1.3 International Financial Markets
2.2 The Domestic Context
2.2.1 Inflation
2.2.2 Economic Activity
2.2.3 Balance of Payments
3. The Current Economic Situation
3.1 Behavior of Inflation and Prices
3.2 Growth and Domestic Demand
3.2.1 GDP with respect to Spending
3.2.2 GDP on the Supply Side and Sector Indicators
3.3 The Labor Market
3.4 The Monetary and Financial Market
This report (July) is a temporary and partial version of the document
in its new format.


Juan José Ospina, Juan Sebastián CorralesJuan José Echavarría

Juan Pablo Cote, Sergio Restrepo

José David Pulido