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  • Carlos A. Arango-Arango
  • Nicolás F. Suárez-Ariza

Digital Payments Adoption and the Demand for Cash: New International Evidence

The series Borradores de Economía (Working Papers on Economics) contributes to the dissemination and promotion of the work by researchers from the institution. On multiple occasions, these works have been the result of collaborative work with individuals from other national or international institutions. This series is indexed at Research Papers in Economics (RePEc). 

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Wednesday, 5 June 2019

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Even though the levels and growth rates of adoption of digital payments have reached significant figures in the recent past, the demand for cash continues to grow in both developed and developing economies across the world. This puzzle has found only partial explanations in the previous empirical literature. We bring further and more conclusive evidence that the adoption of digital payments indeed reduces the demand for cash. Yet, economic growth and lower interest rates as well as positive trends in the demand for large denomination banknotes, not explained by traditional factors, still dominate the overall growth in the demand for cash.