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Office of the Deputy Technical GovernorVargas-Herrera, HernandoOffice of the Deputy Governor for Monetary Policy and Economic InformationGonzález-Gómez, AndrésProgramming and Inflation DepartmentHuertas-Campos, Carlos AlfonsoCobo-Serna, Adolfo LeónCaicedo-García, ÉdgarCárdenas-Hurtado, Camilo AlbertoCote-Barón, Juan PabloGaleano-Ramírez, FrankyMartínez-Cortés, NicolásRojas, Carlos DanielPérez-Amaya, Julián MauricioCalderón-López, Luis HernánLópez, David CamiloGaitan, CelinaRestrepo, SergioParra-Amado, Daniel

Inflation Report - September 2018


In the third quarter of 2018, inflation rose less than expected by analysts and the Central Bank’s technical staff, remaining close to the 3.0% target. Inflation expectations to one and more years increased slightly, ranging between 3.3% and 3.5%. Economic growth in the third quarter is expected to be similar to that recorded in the first half of the year (2.6%), with a greater spare capacity than in 2017.

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