Colombian Art for the World at El Dorado International Airport

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Images of works of art from Banco de la República, exhibited in the airport's air conditioning ducts, make up Galería El Dorado: a sample that seeks to encourage nationals and foreigners to appreciate the richness of Colombian art. 

Wednesday, November 29 at 10:00 a.m., the Governor of Banco de la República and the President of Odinsa will give a press conference that will mark the official installation of Galería El Dorado. Location: Airport, 2nd floor, entrance #5.     


As of November 29, El Dorado Airport in Bogota will become an unprecedented exhibition space by offering the public a high-quality photographic exhibition of 163 pieces of art that are part of the cultural heritage of Colombians, safeguarded by Banco de la República.


This exhibition sample called Galería El Dorado will allow national and foreign travelers, and the staff working at El Dorado Airport, to enjoy national plastic and archaeological art over the next twelve months.


The selection includes works of colonial, modern, and contemporary art, and pieces of pre-Hispanic art currently exhibited at the Botero Museum, the Miguel Urrutia Art Museum, the Casa de Moneda Museum, and seven Gold Museums, all belonging to Banco de la República, in different cities of the country.


The public will see, exhibited in the Galería El Dorado, high quality photographs, printed on low impact polyethylene sheets, microperforated for the specificities of 50 air conditioning ducts of the Airport. These ducts are distributed throughout the international dock, national dock and registration points, among other areas of the air terminal. The project is part of the management carried out by El Dorado Airport to offer the best experiences, through culture, to the terminal's visitors.


The public-private alliance formed by Odinsa, Opaín, Banco de la República and the Foundation Friends of Banco de la República´s Art Collections (ACOARTE in Spanish), together with the design and production work of the contracted company Mosca Studio, results in this advertising proposal that aims to show the cultural wealth of the country in a place of transit that offers the first look of our territory to its visitors: the art that makes Colombians proud and impacts both nationals and foreigners alike.


About the Exhibition

The Galería El Dorado integrates four different artistic and archaeological heritage collections.


Fifty-one pieces of Colombian pre-Hispanic art belonging to the collection of the Gold Museums of Banco de la República in Bogotá, Cartagena, Santa Marta, Armenia, Cali, and Pasto, and the Ethnographic Museum in Leticia, will be displayed in magnificent print quality for the knowledge and enjoyment of the public at El Dorado.


Likewise, images of 43 works by the Master Fernando Botero, currently on display at the Botero Museum of Banco de la República, can be seen.


From the Central Bank's art collection, which is composed of more than 5,000 works of the Colombian artistic heritage, 41 works from epochs ranging from colonial times to the 21st century were selected. Likewise, works from the numismatic collection of the Casa de Moneda Museum that correspond to artistic designs printed in the six denominations of the new family of Colombian banknotes circulating in the country, can be appreciated.


The Bank's bibliographic collection is also present with 14 illustrations that are part of the cultural project 'La paz se toma la palabra'. These are graphic works that illustrate the authentic phrases of children who describe concepts such as peace, war, dialogue, coexistence, and justice in their own words.


With the Galería El Dorado, the entities involved reaffirm their will and interest in betting on culture as a fundamental contribution to the well-being of Colombians.

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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

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