Revista Ensayos sobre Política Económica


Ensayos sobre política económica - ESPE is a periodical publication on economics that aims to publish technical articles and notes of high quality. The documents published by ESPE are characterised for being interesting, original and technically correct. Therefore, the editorial board will consider for publication original unpublished research work, both theoretical and applied, which is relevant to a better understanding of economic problems and of the policies necessary for their solution and which is not being submitted for publication elsewhere. ESPE places emphasis on the economic problems facing Colombia, but is not just limited to work applied to Colombia.  Any manuscript that provides information about economic problems and policies may be submitted to the editorial process, with the proviso that ESPE will not consider work with only very short-term relevance for publication.


The Economic Research Department of Banco De la República, the Central Bank of Colombia, publishes ESPE. However, this does not mean that ESPE only publishes work produced by the Economic Research Department, nor that the journal presents official opinions of the Banco de la República. Rather, ESPE is a scientific publication, aimed at and open to all members of the Colombian and international academic community interested in economics. Therefore, ESPE will not consider documents in which authors merely express their opinions, but only those with a technical foundation according to current standards of the economic profession.


In order to access and print the journal’s articles, click on the photo of the cover page for a direct link to the publication’s index.


ESPE is currently indexed in Colciencias (A2), Scientific Electronic Library Online (Scielo Colombia), International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS), CLASE (UNAM), International Periodicals Directory (ULRICH), CSA Social Sciences Collection including in the Worldwide Political Science Abstracts, and in the databases of Sociological Abstracts and Social Services Abstracts, and in the electronic indexes of American Economic Association, including Journal of Economic Literature on CD, e-JEL and EconLit and Scopus.


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