Subscriptions can be made directly in the Central Information Point of the Luis Angel Arango Library, Calle 11 #4-14, Bogota - Colombia.

Subscription can also be made by the filling in the attached subscription form and sending it by fax (571 - 2863551). In this case payments can be made by credit card or by direct deposit in the Banco Republica's Lloyds TSB bank account - number 020-0737000059000. A copy of the receipt and the subscription form should be sent to the Luis Angel Arango Library- Support Services, Calle 11 # 4-14, Bogota -Colombia.

Subscriptions can also be made by phone (571) 343 1278 o (571) 343 1260

2011 subscription rates, on issue $12.400, USD $20.00

Annual subscription
(3 issues)
Colombia $37.200 International USD60
Two year subscription
(6 issues)
Colombia $75.000 International USD120
Three year subscription
(9 issues)
Colombia $111.800 International USD180

Flexible matte covers
185 mm x 255 mm
Approximately 128 pages.

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