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Dutch Disease and Banana Exports in the Colombian Caribbean, 1910-1950

Dutch disease and banana exports in the Dutch disease and banana exports in the Colombian caribbean, 1910 - 1950

     Resumen In 1994, the seven departaments of the Colombian Caribbean had a population of about 7.2 million, representing 21% of the conuntry's total....

Identifying the key factors of growth in natural resource-driven countries. A look from the knowledge-based economy

The effect of natural resources (NR) on growth has been a topic widely discussed in the economics literature. The evidence shows a predominant negative impact of this, but this can be neutralized if countries adopt a more knowledge-intensive industrial structure. This paper seeks to explore the...

Market access, agricultural productivity and selection into trade: evidence from Colombia


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Regional Structural Changes in Colombia: An Input-Output Approach

No previous work has focused on the analysis of the regional and interregional structure and structural changes in Colombia. An initial exploration using a parsimonious approach to the measurement of interregional interaction suggested a country with limited spatial interdependency. These...

Trends, Fluctuations, and Determinants of Commodity Prices

A threefold analysis of commodity prices is carried out to observe their long-run behaviour, their short-run properties and the main determinants. According to the evidence, the Prebisch-Singer hypothesis does not seem to be a property of most prices. The cycles of commodity prices are...

Why No Hyperinflation in Colombia? On the Determinants of Stable Economic Policies

Imagine a country whose inflation rate has recently surpassed 300% a year, and during some months even surpassed the 50% level that was estabilished as a benchmark for the definition of Phillip Cagan's classic study on the subject. This rapid inflation led to a devaluation of the local currency...

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