Medellín, Colombia

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An Assessment of How Urban Crime and Victimization Affect Life Satisfaction

Assortative Matching and the Education Gap

Do Pressure Groups Improve Public Goods Provision? A Social Choice Approach

Medellín seminario de economía 113

El racionamiento por el lado de la oferta Vs. la demanda en aseguramiento en salud en países en desarrollo: evidencia para el 'Régimen Subsidiado' Colombiano

Gender Differences in Risk Aversion: Do Single-Sex Environments Affect their Development?

Monetary Policy Challenges in Latin America: Some General Principles for a Countercyclical Monetary Policy

Notas de la Presentación Reuniones Anuales del Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID) Medellín, marzo 29 de 2009

Nudges in Education: The Emerging Role of Behavioral Economics in Education

Obesity and Health-Related Decisions: an Empirical Model of Weight Status for Young Adults in the US

Obesity is widely accepted as one of the main causes of premature death, and the causal relationship between obesity and several of the most deadly chronic diseases is a consensus in the medical and public health literature. Obesity in the United States has recently been recognized as a public...

On the Probability of Access to Higher Education in Colombia: Determinants and Evolution

Peers Effects on a Fertility Decision: an Application for Medellín Colombia

Documento presentado en el Seminario Semanal de Economóía 130 "El Efecto de los pares en una decisión de fertilidad: Una aplicación para Medellín"

Quality of Life in Urban Neighborhoods in Colombia: The Cases of Bogotá and Medellín

Randomized Trials in Education: What Have We Learned?

The role of skill enhancing trade in Brazil

Trends, Fluctuations and Determinants of Comodity Prices

Unemployment, informality and labor market performance

Slides delivered at Foro Mundial de Eempleo y  Prosperidad, organized by Colsubsidio and Acoset in May 2012

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